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Worldwide Consultation Services

From Sea to Shining Sea and even our Neighbors in Canada, we have taken our work everywhere it is legal. No distance is too far. We work with you personally to create your perfect grow operation. We have a solid record of satisfied clients. 

Dialing in Your Environment

We can help you set the perfect environment to grow. With over 35 years of combined experience our team of consultants can help control your humidity  and temperature levels consistently throughout your Grow Op creating optimal growing conditions to Maximize your Yield and Investment. 

Multiple Growing Styles

Our grow consultants will help you create affordable, custom solutions to aid in a wide range of  growing styles. We specialize in Hydroponic and Soil Based Growing and will always work with you and your needs. We will never force a grower to change his/her style of growing. We will custom design a grow operation that will meet or exceed your state requirements. 

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