The Ez-pz planter™


Whether you need 1 or 1,000+ the Ez-Pz Planter™ Growing System is for you. It works with all types of Growing styles and Mediums. 

Soil Based Mediums (Coco, Etc.)

Our unique system can be set for "Top Feed Drain to Waste" Style growing. You can use PVC to set up a closed direct drain system, a gutter system to have a more open fluid drain system or you can put them directly on a flood table. Set your pumps on a timer or hand feed on your schedule.

Hydroponic Growing (Lava Rocks, Etc.)

You can connect PVC to our drainage system and set it to recirculate back to a reservoir leaving your pumps running without a timer and having constant water flow in a close loop traditional hydro-style growing system. 

Features and benefits

360 degrees of A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Our unique Feeding Manifold comes with Four replaceable 360 Degree Sprayers. The design completely covers your media to ensure that your nutrients and water are spread evenly. 

Drain your plants not your pockets!

The planter has a 3 degree "V" bottom & raised bumps inside to keep your plants properly drained. The beveled sink opens up to a 3/4" hole with a grommet that accepts any 1/2" PVC or Barbed fitting.

You get what you paid for, Finally!

Our planters are a True 10 Gallon, it has a fill line embossed on the inside to let you know exactly how much media you need. It even marks the conversions in Cubic Ft. & Square Meters. 

100% Universal!

Our planters work with you and your style of growing. It can be used with soil, rockwool, Lava Rocks, Coco/Coco Coir, Perlite, Growstone™ and much more.  

Stop stabbing your roots... Please!

Each planter comes with 8 (eight) modular spreader arms which snap on & off the planter they are designed to keep the stakes out of your media & can be used with any type of stake that you like. 

Spread em!

The spreader arms not only keep stakes our of your media & roots but they also help "open" your plant promoting light penetration & reducing moisture in your grow room. 


Designed to make your set up and take down more efficient,  everything snaps on and off easily. Whether you are cleaning your irrigation system or adjusting  yours spreaders you wont be fumbling around looking for tools. 

Ez-Pz Feeder System ™

This feeder system truly is universal, works with nearly all existing piping and all fittings can be easily purchased at most hardware stores. Individual Shut-Off Valve allows you to decide when to feed a specific plant. 

Fully Customizable Spreaders

Our Ez-Pz Branch Spreader Arms™  snap onto the outside of your planter keeping stakes out of your roots and eliminating cross contamination. You have the freedom of setting them up anywhere on the planter in any shape or design.

Time Saving Worker-Stations

Maximize your efficiency and minimize lost or misplaced tools. Our EZ-PZ Workerstation™ organizes your scissors, pruners, ties, spreaders and also features a cup holder. 

3° "V" Bottom Design

Let gravity and our "V" Bottom design do all the work and keep your plants properly drained. 

Patent Pending Air Channels

Our Patent Pending Air Channels create a steady flow of oxygen to your roots keeping them healthy and helping you to eliminate root rot. 

Featured Products

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unboxing the stake growers system

unboxing the trellis growers kit



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