The Ez-pz planter™

Features and benefits

360 degrees of A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Our unique Feeding Manifold comes with Four replaceable 360 Degree Sprayers. The design completely covers your media so ensure that your nutrients and water are spead evenly. 

Drain your plants not your pockets!

The planter has a 3 degree "V" bottom & raised bumps inside to keep your plants properly drained. The beveled sink opens up to a 3/4" hole with a grommet that accepts any 1/2" PVC or Barbed fitting.

You get what you paid for, Finally!

Our planters are a True 10 Gallon, it has a fill line embossed on the inside to let you know exactly how much media you need. It even marks the conversions in Cubic Ft. & Square Meters. 

100% Universal!

Our planters work with you and your style of growing. It can be used with soil, rockwool, Lava Rocks, Coco/Coco Coir, Perlite, Vermiculite and much more.  

Stop stabbing your roots... Please!

Each planter comes with 10 (ten) modular spreader arms which snap on & off the planter they are designed to keep the stakes out of your media & can be used with any type of stake that you like. 

Spread em!

The spreader arms not only keep stakes our of your media & roots but they also help "open" your plant promoting light penetration & reducing moisture in your grow room. 

add some color to your life

Color code by room, strain...whatever you want!

Th Ez-Pz Planter comes in 7 Standard colors and is also available in Limited Edition Colors*. 

*A portion of the profits from Limited Edition Planter sales go towards their respective foundation. 


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