The Medical Planter™

All the Features of the Ez-Pz Planter™ with the added benefit of Medical Grade Plastic

The Medical Planter™ is the Worlds First and Only Patented Medical Grade Planter made with FDA and EPA Approved Plastics. *Accessories shown in white are only available in black. 

Soil Based Mediums (Coco, Etc.)

Our unique system can be set for "Top Feed Drain to Waste" Style growing. You can use PVC to set up a closed direct drain system, a gutter system to have a more open fluid drain system or you can put them directly on a flood table. Set your pumps on a timer or hand feed on your schedule. 

Hydroponic Growing (Lava Rocks, Etc.)

You can connect PVC to our drainage system and set it to recirculate back to a reservoir leaving your pumps running without a timer and having constant water flow in a close loop traditional hydro-style growing system.  

FDA & EPA Approved Platics

Our Patented Medical Grade Plastic has  been proven to resist E-Coli as well as Mold and Algae.  

Antimicrobial Plastics

The World’s FIRST 

Planter Made With Antimicrobial  First Generation Polypropylene Plastic 

Patent Protected World Wide

Globally Recognized Patented Design &

Medical Properties

Independent Lab Studies

Our Proprietary blend of Antimicrobial plastic has been tested to withstand E-Coli, Black Mold, Gray Mold, Algae and more.  

Maximize Your Investment

With Federal Regulations changing soon, get a planter that will be compliant and ensure that your investment will last longer. 

Made in America

The Ez-Pz Planter and The Medical Planter are both proudly made by the hard working men and women of Lebanon, OH. 

lab/ test results

MicroBlok EPA & FDA Approved (pdf)


MicroBlok FDA & EPA Approved (pdf)


Independent Lab Study (week 1 photos) (pdf)


Independent Lab Study ( week 2 photos) (pdf)


Independent Lab Study ( week 3 photos (pdf)


Microchem JIS Z 2801 Silver E Coli (pdf)


Zinc Based Antimicrobial E Coli (pdf)


TBC Results on Lab Testing (pdf)


TBC DC Consultant tesch bio (pdf)


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