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Designed to make your day more efficient, everything snaps on and off easily. Whether you are  cleaning your irrigation system or adjusting your spreaders you wont be fumbling around looking for tools. 

Ez Pz Feeder™ System

This feeder system truly is universal, works with nearly all existing piping and all fittings can be easily purchased and most local hardware stores. Individual Shut-Off Valves (not pictured) allows you to decide when to feed a specific plant. 

Fully Customizable Spreaders

Our Ez-Pz Spreaders™ snap onto the outside of your planter keeping stakes out of your roots and eliminating cross contamination. 

Accepts stakes from 1/4"-1/2"

Time Saving Worker Stations

Maximize your efficiency and minimize lost or misplaced tools. Our Ez-Pz Workerstation™ organizes your scissors, pruners, ties, spreaders and also features a cup holder. 

3° "V" Bottom Design

Let gravity and our "V" bottom design do all the work and keep your plants properly drained.

Optional Insert-able 1-1/4" PVC Legs

Our Patent Pending Air Channels  create a steady flow of oxygen to your roots keeping your roots healthy and to help you eliminate root rot. 

The medical planter™

Patent Pending Silver Infused Plastic

The Patent Pending plastic that we use in our MEDICAL PLANTER ™® is Mold Resistant, Anti-Mildew, Antibacterial and Antimicrobial. 

Independently Tested

Lab Tested to kill 99.95% of Bacteria. 

E.Coli & Other Bacterias

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Designed to Eliminate Root Rot.

Your plants roots are essentially its brain. Our design promotes healthy roots which translates to larger plants and higher yields.

A Full Featured Ez Pz Planter™

All the features and benefits of the Ez Pz Planter ™ and the added benefit of being made with our Patent Pending Antimicrobial Plastic. 

Designed to Maximize Your YIELD!

Whether you are an amateur gardener or a professional grower, our planters are designed to double your production based on average result comparisons. 

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